Genetic Engineering: A Sector of the Future

In the actual everchanging world, things aren’t the same as they were yesterday, society changes and evolves everyday, but in what or how does it evolve? That truly depends on phsychology, we wake up with new ideas, we interact, we have instincts, and the progression of our mental state determines our evolution, so we keep evolving; and evolution is reflected somehow in the market, the stocks, the stock market, brockerages, etc. and a sector that will sure


A sector which will probably have a mayor boom if things go as of now, is Genetic Engineering and its applications in modifying seeds, species, and entire ecosystems in some scenarios, this being for a number of reasons:

  • The population is increasing, so the common methods of producing food will not be the same, there are other methods; such as alternative farming layouts, but genetic engineering is the next step; aside from the mainstream opinion of being non-GMO, organic, the future; faster growth, more nutritive, though the repercussions need to be investigated further. Lab-grown meat and milk are almost in the market
  • Species are in extinction; animals keep being added to the list of endangered species, and while some are not so important for the environment, it is still as sad, and then come the important ones, like the bees, which play a crucial role in pollinization, are slowly becoming more scarce due to the effects of insecticides, and pollution in general, but what if a bee was genetically engineered to survive the new conditions? Sure, it could be pretty dangerous to release a modified species, it could wreck the ecosystems, perhaps create a plague, but if all cause-effects are well thought out, it could be quite a breakthrough.
  • It can be use for specific research, such as creating “fake” ecosystems, leading to new options in lab research scenarios, well, it’s common, tests are done on modified mice on a pretty common basis, but genetic modyfying doesn’t need to be restricted to that, and there are more applications to be discovered.


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Sources: A spot-on article talking about the cost of energy, and the animal mass-genocide because of heavy disruption of the ecosystems.